Our idea is wonderfully simple. What if every American woman donated the cost of her favorite beauty treat to benefit wounded troops? Think of your favorite - whether a manicure, a facial, a massage, or a new lipstick - and consider donating its cost to benefit our wounded. It's not how much each woman gives, but the fact that we are all contributing. And the symbolism of sacrificing something related to our own beauty is beautiful in itself. It hearkens back to the unique sacrifices our mothers and grandmothers on the home front made during past wars in our country's history.

The donations go to a wonderful organization called Fisher House that has been in existence for over 20 years. They build houses right near military hospitals all across the country. It's a "home away from home" where the family of wounded service men and women can stay for free until their loved one is treated and released.

By donating through this Beauty for the Brave website, you will help show what American women, united, and regardless of politics, can do for returning troops. 100% of dollars we collect go directly to Fisher House. This is a beautiful way to show your support.

Do something for our brave wounded men and women returning from Iraq and Afghanistan.

Donate the value of something from your own beauty care regimen.

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Fisher House

  • Build homes away from home
  • Charity rating of four stars
  • 100% of Beauty for the Brave donations go directly to them
  • Serve 19,000+ families a year

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